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I’m Elly, the owner and passionate creator behind Create & Elate. I help inspired female entrepreneurs maybe just like YOU to grow a business by creating and elating their successful business identities!

Create & Elate is a boutique branding, web design and video editing studio that is here to help you craft your dreams!



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Curate lasting designs

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Get a website that sells

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Get your story moving



I am dedicated to empower aspiring entrepreneurs from all around the world to create enchanting brands, stunning website designs and engaging videos that they would be proud of!

I am here to help you and clear out the things for you, so you can focus your time and energy on running and growing your business.

Do you need a gorgeous brand identity that tells YOUR STORY? I got you covered! Do you need a KILLER WEBSITE that captivates your dream clients? You are looking in the right place! Do you need enthusing and engaging videos to spice up your social media game? I am here for you!

Whether you are near or far, we can meet on a virtual coffee date to get to know each other and chat about your goals and dreams. This is your chance to share your ideas and vision with me and my chance to explain to you how exactly I am going to turn them into reality!

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Rest assured that your experience will be intentional and friendly!


Save the date

Once you picked out a service package or if you need assistance figuring out what the best option for you and your business is, book a free 30-min consultation call here. We will discuss your requirements and get to know each other before committing to working together. I would ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire before the call, which I would then review. This would help me to step into your shoes, see what brands inspire YOU, what your target audience is, and what your personal and business goals are.


Make it official

If we decide to work together, within 24 hours I will send you a personalized contract agreement based on the points discussed in our call with the invoice for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once the agreement is signed and the initial deposit is paid, your project will set off on the right foot - we will determine a productive project timeline in a professional project management system. It will enable a full transparency across our action items and will help us stay focused.


Discover & analyze

I will start laying the foundation for your branding, web design and/or video editing (depending on the service package you have selected) by studying your business industry, your competitors and your ideal clients. At this stage, if you have chosen a package including a website design and/or video editing, I would also ask you to provide me with all the content that you would like us to use. This includes all copyrighted material, such as images, videos and text that you own or licensed for commercial use.


Create & develop

Now the magic happens! Once I have done my research and collected all necessary material, it is high time to take the beautiful message of your business and find the most authentic way to bring it to life. I will throw myself into creating your branding, web design and/or video (depending on the service package you have selected) that you and your target client would fall in love with. I will develop several concepts for you to choose from and from here we work together!


Refine & perfect

Next, I will provide you with my initial concept(s) (depending on the service package you have selected). You will make a thorough review, choose your favorite concept and share with me your feedback and thoughts for any tweaks and edits you would want to be made. You have up to three revisions until we perfect the initial concept(s) to an end solution that will hit all checkboxes for you. The final craft will be irresistible not only to you, but also to your clients.


Launch & celebrate

Finally, once you have approved all final files (depending on the service package) and you have paid the remaining balance in full, I will make sure you have everything you need to successfully reveal your new brand identity, website, video or all of them!

Congrats! You are ready to welcome dream clients into your business. And remember - we worked hard, so be proud to debut the results to the world!



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be part of my joUrney & projects


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