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Need a stunning, crafted to astound and memorable brand look for your new business that truly stands out, or maybe a fresh makeover for your existing business?

In any case, you are looking at the right branding package that will equip you with all of the necessary tools to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your business!

Together we will work through the whole branding process to establish an authentic brand identity for your business that projects professionalism and builds trust with your ideal clients.



Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

Price: Starting from €900


3 custom primary logo designs to choose from (max 3 revisions)

2 alternative logo designs (max 3 revisions)

1 favicon and 1 watermark (max 3 revisions)

Fonts & Colors 

3 color palettes to choose from

3 custom font combinations (for body, header, accent)

3 patterns & textures

Branding Package

Mood board

Full branding style board

Accompanying detailed style guide

Collateral Items - BONUS 

2 social media items of your choice

2 brand items of your choice


Social Media Collateral Items

Pick 2

Design of social media materials such as banners and profile graphics for Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook

  • 3 variations for each item

  • 2 revisions available for each variation

  • Templates are fully editable layered files in .ai or .psd format, or in your Canva for Business account

Brand Collateral Items

Pick 2

Design of printable marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, price sheet, etc.

  • 3 variations for each item

  • 2 revisions available for each variation

  • Items are delivered in high-resolution, print-ready files



Need a cohesive and a strategically designed website that will captivate your dream clients? Whether you are ready to kick off your business or you want to empower the online presence of your existing one - this web design package is for you and I am ready to help!

Your website is the first place your potential clients check to understand if you are the right fit for their needs! I will help you create a beautiful, professional and easy to use website which will showcase the real power of your business and what you do, and leave an everlasting impression on its visitors!



Timeframe: 2-3 weeks

Price: Starting from €2,000


Mood board & color palette

Page mapping for user experience

Design & Development

“Coming Soon” -  landing page (max 2 revisions)

Setup & installation of hosting and domain accounts

Design & layout of the homepage (max 3 revisions)*

Design & layout of up to 5 additional pages (max 3 revisions)*

All custom designed website graphics - e.g. favicon, banners, buttons, headers, CTAs, etc. (max 2 revisions)

Desktop, mobile & tablet responsive design

SEO website optimization

Integration with any third-party apps such as MailChimp, Convertkit, Google Analytics, Acuity, Dubsado, etc.

Email capture forms placed in the optimal positions around your website

A configuration of payment gateways for sales


Unlimited email support while we work together

Two weeks of email support after the end of the project

*Additional design of pages can be added to your package for €50 per page



You have decided to bring your business on a whole new level? I am really excited for you and ready to help! The Branding & Web Design combined package covers everything for your business.

Your flawless branding will tell your business story and your aesthetic website will have the power to mesmerize your potential client’s attention in one consistent way!

The focus during the first 2 weeks will be on the design of your Branding and during the last 2 weeks on the design of your Website.



Timeframe: 4 weeks

Price: Starting from €2,500

The combined package includes everything from the Branding Package & everything from the Web Design Package as detailed above.



Need a beautifully branded business, vlog, party, vacation or wedding/honeymoon video to grab your visitor’s attention and make your online presence shine? I am here to help you communicate your awesome brand or experience to the world in a visual way.

Your footage and personal recordings will be turned into amazing video stories which you would love to share with your audience. Don’t waste your valuable time on figuring out the whole editing process - just shoot the video and let me handle the rest for you! 



Timeframe and price will depend on the complexity of your project - schedule a call to request a quote

Video Editing

Support of any camera, smartphone or drone footage

Creation of a timeline

Footage cut, crop and transformation

Stabilization of raw videos

Rolling shutter repair

Animation of still images

Resolution down- and upscaling

Export in any format and resolution (up to 4K)

Visual Effects

Color correction and footage matching

Film emulations and color grading

Compositing elements (artificial snow, dust, flare)

Video noise reduction of footage shot in challenging environments

Chroma key removal (a.k.a. green/blue screen)

Film burns and grain

Mask effects (e.g. eye zoom and transition)

250+ premium transitions (zooms, flashes, glitches, etc.)

Speed ramp, rewind and slow motion

100+ logo placement titles and lower thirds

Overlay (side-by-side videos)


Licensed audio tracks for private and commercial use

Audio mixing and volume adjustments

Sound effects to accompany visual effects and transitions

Voice enhancement and hum reduction

Voiceover and subtitles


The package doesn’t fit your needs? Don’t worry, I am happy to look at your individual situation and tailor the package towards it.

Book your 30-min FREE consultation via the button below and we will choose a plan of action!



Rest assured that your experience will be organized, intentional and friendly!


Save the date

Once you picked out a service package or if you need assistance figuring out what the best option for you and your business is, book a free 30-min consultation call here. We will discuss your requirements and get to know each other before committing to working together. I would ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire before the call, which I would then review. This would help me to step into your shoes, see what brands inspire YOU, what your target audience is, and what your personal and business goals are.


Make it official

If we decide to work together, within 24 hours I will send you a personalized contract agreement based on the points discussed in our call with the invoice for a 50% non-refundable deposit. Once the agreement is signed and the initial deposit is paid, your project will set off on the right foot - we will determine a productive project timeline in a professional project management system. It will enable a full transparency across our action items and will help us stay focused.


Discover & analyze

I will start laying the foundation for your branding, web design and/or video editing (depending on the service package you have selected) by studying your business industry, your competitors and your ideal clients. At this stage, if you have chosen a package including a website design and/or video editing, I would also ask you to provide me with all the content that you would like us to use. This includes all copyrighted material, such as images, videos and text that you own or licensed for commercial use.


Create & develop

Now the magic happens! Once I have done my research and collected all necessary material, it is high time to take the beautiful message of your business and find the most authentic way to bring it to life. I will throw myself into creating your branding, web design and/or video (depending on the service package you have selected) that you and your target client would fall in love with. I will develop several concepts for you to choose from and from here we work together!


Refine & perfect

Next, I will provide you with my initial concept(s) (depending on the service package you have selected). You will make a thorough review, choose your favorite concept and share with me your feedback and thoughts for any tweaks and edits you would want to be made. You have up to three revisions until we perfect the initial concept(s) to an end solution that will hit all checkboxes for you. The final craft will be irresistible not only to you, but also to your clients.


Launch & celebrate

Finally, once you have approved all final files (depending on the service package) and you have paid the remaining balance in full, I will make sure you have everything you need to successfully reveal your new brand identity, website, video or all of them!

Congrats! You are ready to welcome dream clients into your business. And remember - we worked hard, so be proud to debut the results to the world!



I'd love to chat with you about your goals! If you feel the same way, make sure to send me an email or schedule a call directly by clicking the button below!